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Availability of Custom Holographic ID Card Overlays

With each security breach in today’s news cycle, the need for providing your staff with unique credentials for secure identification continues to increase. For larger organizations, this typically includes RFID cards with encrypted technologies for electronic identification in addition to custom printed graphics that identify the individual and the institution. However for small to medium size organizations, the out of pocket costs are usually too high to implement these solutions.

With an entry level ID badge machine, customers can now add a custom hologram overlay which offers the most security to protect your company, employees and customers from fake ID badges. This type of embossed hologram design allows intricate and complex graphics. After creating a custom security-grade origination (dot matrix or 2D/3D) for your company/organization, your unique design is registered with the IHMA global hologram registry.

Our embossed hologram overlays are tamper evident. If removed, the overlay will self destruct showing a ‘dots’ pattern on the ID badge and in the hologram. This product is design for manual application to the printed ID card — just peel and stick.

The overlay is constructed in one layer. The hologram is embossed on 2 mil thick polyester film. After embossing, a permanent acrylic adhesive is applied over the hologram. The overlay is then die cut to size (slightly smaller than the PVC ID badge). Total thickness is 3 mils (2 mils polyester + 1 mil adhesive), minimum quantities apply based on specific features requested.

For anyone looking to get started with the smallest quantities and lowest overhead we also offer stock hologram overlays in addition to embedded hologram card stock. These are kept on the shelf and can be shipped out same day with minimum quantity of 100 per pack.

We only work with production facilities that are registered with the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA). Additionally we will verify your custom design before initiating any project to confirm it is new and unique. If requested to produce a custom holographic overlay, we require proof to substantiate that you are authorized to purchase that product and independently verify your contact information and legitimacy.

Contact us to learn more about visual security solutions for your ID badges, regardless as to whether you issue 100 or 10,000 credentials per year. Learn more about custom holograms from our Learning Center here:

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