093600 FARGO HDP5600 High Def ID Card Printer Single-Sided 600 DPI

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Fargo HDP5600 ID Badge Printer features the highest resolution 600 dpi for printing vibrant images, crisp barcodes, small complex characters and background images. Three Year Printer Warranty (including On-Call Express in the US for the first year), Lifetime Warranty on the Printhead


Global’s new FARGO HDP5600 features an affordable, high resolution 600 dpi
printing option for superior text and image quality.

The new
high definition card printer, the HDP5600 – both of which comprise
HID’s new Professional Select* Series of printers.

Based on HID
Global’s industry leading, 5th generation HDP technology, it is ideal
for government agencies, universities, corporations and healthcare
facilities who need re-transfer printing technology to routinely issue
high definition ID cards.

only are colors more brilliant and images sharper, but the high
quality, 600 dpi resin printing capabilities of the HDP5600 give the
ability to precisely print small text and crisply defined barcodes like
never before. The HDP5600 also includes a built-in Workbench™ diagnostic
utility and Color Assist™ tool to help better match spot colors on
company logos and service marks. Leveraging the 600 dpi option, the
printer can even accurately reproduce complex characters, such as Kanji,
Arabic and Cyrillic.

HDP5600 Printer/Encoder

  • High
    Resolution Printing. The HDP5600 features a high resolution 600 dpi
    option for printing vibrant images, crisp barcodes and small, complex
    characters. A standard 300 dpi model is also available.
  • Competitive Feature Set. The HDP5600 offers an array of differentiators not available with other HDP printers on the market:
    • 600 dpi availability for both single-side and dual-side printing 
    • Half-panel ribbons (for a lower cost-per-card option)
    • High Durable HDP Film
    • Optional dual input hopper capability
  • Backward-Compatible
    Ribbons and HDP Films. To ensure a smooth transition, the new HDP5600
    ribbons and HDP films are backward compatible to the HDP5000.
  • Enhanced
    Memory. Provides all the same features, functions and options currently
    available for the HDP5000 but with added 64 MB memory, allowing for
    increased resolution without sacrificing print throughput speeds.

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Weight 20 lbs

HID Global Fargo

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Retransfer Printer




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