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Asure ID 7 Exchange. For organizations looking for intuitive card design, data management, and advanced card personalization. Features smart card management, and maximum flexibility with external data. Compatible with Windows 8.


Asure ID 7 Exchange is the perfect photo ID software for the sophisticated card application that operates over a corporate network. Provides advanced smart card functionality with the iDIRECTOR encoding and management module, and offers real-time connectivity and data exchange (multiple databases, multiple sheets), with a wide range of databases, including Oracle, MySQL, LDAP and DVTel.

Asure ID 7 Exchange features simplified processes that make capturing and importing photos and digitized signatures easy, and offers support for WIA imaging for all digital cameras, in addition to support for TWAIN. With this program you can add image effects to your cards for additional visual security, as well as 1-D and 2-D barcodes, and magnetic stripes for storing data specific to cardholders. Includes a built-in Microsoft Access database, which allows you to store your templates and cardholder data, while the Live Link wizard sets up a real time data exchange, allowing you to mix cardholder data from internal and external sources on the same card, including information from your human resources, security and enterprise resource planning databases. With Live Link, Asure ID 7 Exchange can connect to Microsoft Access, SQL, MySQL, Oracle, LDAP, and DVTel databases, and allows for ODBC import and export. Asure ID Exchange 2009 software provides advanced smart card functionality supported by iDIRECTOR, which manages how your smart card application is loaded onto your cards, including card memory management in one encoding pass.

If you are already using Asure ID Exchange 5.x, it will be easy to upgrade to the new Asure ID 7 Exchange, as it has built-in tools for importing your 5.x templates and database information, and you can always upgrade to any Asure ID 7 edition as your needs expand, although there is no direct upgrade path from Asure ID 4.x to Asure ID 7 software. Asure ID 7 Exchange ID card software was built using the Microsoft .NET platform, which is the most stable and cutting-edge development tool used today.

Compatible with Windows 8.

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