086413 Asure ID Enterprise 7 ID Card Software for custom designed badges

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Asure ID 7 Enterprise. The perfect photo ID software for a corporate network with multiple operators, and expanded external database support. Compatible with Windows 10/8/7 for custom badge design.


Asure ID Enterprise 7 is best suited for medium- to large-sized organizations
with multiple operators who need to share their card data and designs
over their corporate network. Asure ID Enterprise 7 features enhanced
database connectivity with the ability to support a wide range of
database types, including real-time external database connectivity with
Live Link.

An intuitive, Microsoft Office-inspired interface
Asure ID Enterprise 7 is powerful and feature-rich, it’s also easy to use! The Microsoft Office-inspired interface shortens the learning curve and makes photo ID card design and data entry a snap! Frequently-used features are within easy reach on the Microsoft “ribbon”-inspired toolbar, while tabbed navigation allows you to easily switch between card design and data entry. Asure ID Enterprise 7 features simplified
processes to make capturing and loading photos easy. You also have the
flexibility to add a cardholder signature, a magnetic stripe, or a 1-D
or 2-D barcode to store information specific to the cardholder.

User-friendly design tools
Keep your workspace organized with pop-out control palettes that allow you
to hide colors and attributes until they are needed. A WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) display shows you exactly how your card will look when printed. Asure ID Enterprise 7 even “remembers” where you left; at startup, Asure ID will load the last template you used. You can even set conditional design and print rules to ensure a consistent card design.

Data at your fingertips (internal database, SQL, DVTEL)
The built-in Microsoft Access database in Asure ID Enterprise 7 software allows you to store your templates and cardholder data. The Live Link feature also allows you to access real-time data from most third party
database applications. Asure ID Enterprise 7 expands database
connectivity and networking with support for Microsoft Access and SQL
databases and ODBC import. A Quick Filter option allows you to quickly
access any field within the database, plus Global Find extends this convenience across all linked databases and templates.

Customized reporting
Manipulating data with filtering, sorting and grouping is easier than ever with Asure ID Enterprise 7! You’ll easily create and save standard and custom reports.

Optional SIF Agent add-on
Asure ID 7 Enterprise meets the Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF) standard, allowing consistent data sharing and eliminating double data
entry and inconsistencies across other SIF-compliant schools and districts.

Increased security with password protection
Ensure only authorized users have access to your Asure ID 7 Enterprise ID software program with built-in password protection. It also allows you to define access privileges for each user.

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