082267 HID Ultracard 10 mil Adhesive Mylar-Backed CR-80 ID Cards, 500 count

$271.70 $199.00

10 mil with 14mil mylar release liner for a total of 24 mil. This CR80 version is least likely to cause card jams and works with almost every card printer on the market without fail. Ships 500 cards per box.


MOST POPULAR FOR USE WITH THICK CLAMSHELL HID PROX CARDS! These Mylar adhesive backed ID cards are 25 mil, thicker than adhesive backed ID cards with paper backing, and are designed for applications where you need to place a new image onto an existing prox card or access control card.

The most common
use for CR80 adhesive backed cards is for printing with a direct-to-card
printer and then adhering the card to a clamshell or other non printable
proximity technology card.
Mylar backed
cards are a great option for those looking for 10mil adhesive cards, but
whose printers require a thicker card then normal paper backed adhesive

  • 100% PVC material with Mylar adhesive backing.
  • CR-80 size (3.370 L x 2.125 W / 85.60mmL x 53.98mmW).
  • 10 Mil thickness after removal of adhesive back, 25 Mil with adhesive back.
  • 500 count.

IDSuperShop suggests that you use this ID card instead of the paper backed version for ID card printers that have trouble accommodating a thinner ID card.

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Additional information

Weight 5.5 lbs

HID Fargo

Product Type

Adhesive Card


Mylar backing


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