Holograms are commonly used today in ID card systems for visual security and authentication features on a variety of identification cards that provide value for the cardholder. Rainbow transmission holograms are formed as surface relief patterns in plastic film, incorporating a reflective aluminum coating that provides light to reconstruct a holographic image. Holograms from IDSuperShop are virtually impossible to copy because of their unique visual effects. They cannot be replicated by computer scanning/alteration or with color copiers or standard printing equipment, making them a highly secure defense against the threat of fraud or theft by counterfeiters.

Holographic ID card overlaminates add visual security elements that are difficult to forge, but easy to authenticate, and can make your entire ID card system and organization more secure, as well as protect your ID cards from everyday wear and tear for a longer card life. For highest security, special order laminates can include features such as holograms, micro text, and color changing images.

Hologram ID cards are the most reliable solution for organizations which require the utmost in ID card security. IDSuperShop recommends applying holographic features to Military ID cards, as well bank cards, event VIP cards, driver licenses and government ID cards, national ID cards, polling cards, and student ID cards. When considering a custom ID card hologram for a high value ID card, this unique technology is indispensable to maintaining a secure access control system.

IDSuperShop is pleased to offer the industry’s most secure ID card printers. Our most popular models capable of applying ID card holograms are:

  • Fargo DTC4500LC Applies an overlaminate to ID cards, making them highly-secure, resisting forgery while increasing ID card durability.
  • Zebra P630i Designed for the creation and printing of secure, durable ID cards, while protecting your ID card printing process from unauthorized use.
  • Evolis Securion Solution for personalizing and laminating secure badges.
  • Nisca PR5302 High-speed lamination for a variety of laminate materials.