IDSuperShop is proud to assist in providing ID cards to identify troops, family members, retirees and military workers. Military ID badges can be extremely advanced; containing a variety of functions including bar codes, magnetic stripes, fingerprint capture devices and signature capture on smart cards and proximity cards.

Multifunction military ID cards are often referred to as Common Access Cards or CACs and are capable of serving a wide array of duties. Along with general identification, Military ID cards provide secure access control for military buildings and restricted areas, as well as computer networks. Many government websites require the use of Common Access Cards for authentication. Additionally, the cards can be used for securely encrypting email messages and signing documents electronically, access to commissaries, exchanges and MWR

Security and Military Identification Badges

In addition to having internal technology like proximity cards for security measures, military ID badges need to be visually distinctive. Advanced visual verification techniques include holographic foils and holographic ID card overlaminates, which can either be embedded in your ID cards or applied onto their surface. In addition to adding visual security, holograms considerably increase card security with added protection against fraudulent duplication.

Holographic foils are embedded below an ID card’s surface while holographic overlaminates are applied onto the card surface and can contain standard, off-the-shelf designs, or a custom holograms created for the utmost in ID card security.

To create a secure and custom ID badge IDSuperShop highly recommends using a digital ID camera. By using a camera with higher resolution, the pictures captured on these photo ID cameras are clear in identifying any and all military personnel.

Military ID Card Systems and Printers offers an extensive array of ID card printers and ID card systems to accommodate all military ID card printing needs including:

IDSuperShop also features a wide selection of photo id software ideal for creating military ID badges that are of superior quality.

Military ID Card System Accessories

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