IDSuperShop carries professional ID card systems that allow you to print personalized hospital ID cards for your employees and patients, to help support your security needs and foster loyalty to your organization.

We encourage our health care clients to incorporate the advanced technologies of ID card barcode readers and magnetic stripes on their personalized ID badges and color coding ID cards so that patients will be able to clearly identify doctors, nurses, technicians and administrative personnel on staff.

The ID cards and ID card systems that IDSuperShop offers act to secure the multiple entry points for visitors and staff in your hospital or healthcare facility. Our proximity ID cards can help keep unwanted visitors out; while expiring visitor badges allow visitors to come and go only during authorized visiting hours.

Healthcare & Hospital ID Cards are great for:

It’s also not unusual for hospitals to issue ID cards to patients, which now contain smart card or proximity ID card technology that significantly cuts down on paperwork while bringing a great deal of convenience to new and returning patients. The card can contain patient information that can be swiped by regulated personnel to pick up medical files, charts and important data about the particular patient. One of the aims of using smart patient ID cards is to eliminate the need to fill out lengthy forms every time a patient visits a hospital. Not only is the process much faster, but it can also be more accurate. Smart patient ID cards can be linked with insurance carriers, healthcare providers and financial institutions as the smart chip provides options for a wide range of functionality.

For Hospitals and Health Care Facilities IDSuperShop Recommends the Following ID Card Printing Products:

ID SuperShop Recommends the Following ID Cards for Hospital & Health Care Institutions:

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