People are proud to carry ID cards that identify them as important members of your gym, fitness facility, program, or club. IDSuperShop offers ID card systems that allow you to personalize and print unique ID cards for your organization, on-demand. Member ID cards will help you identify and track your patrons.

Most gyms with ID cards use their ID cards for access control – to let only members use a gym’s pricy equipment and specialized services. Members can show or swipe their ID badges through an ID card reader as they enter the facility for their identities to be verified. This is an effective way of keeping non-members out of your private facilities.

Membership ID cards, if conveniently located on an ID card key tag or in an ID badge holder can also motivate members to go to the gym more often by their easy visibility, as well as encourage others to join them! A great way to boost business.

  • Some gyms choose to issue single-sided ID cards and verify member identities based on the ID card photo.
  • A sign-in/sign-out ID card bar code can track the use of individual memberships and provide management with valuable information for initiating member-retention strategies during periods of non-use.
  • A custom hologram ID card as well as being graphically appealing is a great way to protect against counterfeiting fraud.
  • Magnetic stripe ID cards can differentiate levels of membership with access granted to special sections of each facility depending on membership levels.

With a gym membership ID card printer, you may issue patrons a thin, glossy, professional-looking health club membership ID card with a unique bar code, and link it to the digital photograph taken of them for fast, easy registration and fast check-in.

A Gym Membership ID Card System is Perfect For:

  • Making membership and staff photo ID badges
  • Securing doors on unattended building entrances
  • Rapid registration process, accurate record-keeping, and billing
  • Charging food in club restaurant and merchandise in pro shop
  • Equipment check-out

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