Company ID badges and employee ID card solutions can be found at, IDSuperShop. These solutions provide full compatibility and complete ID card systems, featuring ID card printers so you can implement our solutions with ease.

IDSuperShop offers photo ID software that allows you to clock your employees in as well as provide entrance to physical facilities.

Entrance can be with proximity cards while heightened security can be maintained with digitized signatures, bar codes, and magnetic stripes. Additionally, these employee badges can contain ID photos, logos, and employee names.

Many software options allow you to retrieve digitized images and signature capture from your database to verify employee identity — and make sure they’re still authorized to enter your facility, in the case of lost ID cards.

Our ID card systems when used in conjunction with photo ID software provide services such as ID card printing and employee ID verification. Plus, it provides a platform for the systems you will need to ensure safety and competitiveness.

Employee ID Badges are ideal for:

Corporate Security

The internet and home computer make access to your business easy; in an effort to protect your company’s sensitive data, smart card readers can limit external entrance capabilities. Employee ID cards and access control are critical components of an enterprise-wide solution for your company information.

For your Company ID cards, IDSuperShop recommends the following accessories:

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