Casino & Gaming ID Cards

Casinos and gaming facilities maintain a constant flow of visitors and need a secure system to protect their finances, which are often stored in-house. Security can be enhanced with the use of an ID card system within casino facilities.

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Employee ID Cards

Company ID badges and employee ID cards solutions can be found at, IDSuperShop. These solutions provide full compatibility and complete ID card systems, featuring ID card printers so you can implement our solutions with ease.

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Government ID Cards

Government agencies issue a variety of ID-related cards, such as entitlement cards, health and other benefit cards, birth certificates, hunting and fishing licenses, boating licenses, state driver’s licenses, firearm registrations and more.

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Gym Membership ID Cards

People are proud to carry ID cards that identify them as an important member of your gym, fitness facility, program or club. IDSuperShop offers ID card systems that allow you to personalize and print unique ID cards for your organization, on demand. Member ID cards will help you identify and track your patrons.

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Healthcare & Hospital ID Cards

IDSuperShop carries professional ID card systems that allow you to print personalized healthcare ID cards for your employees and patients, to help support your security needs and foster loyalty to your organization.

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Military ID Cards

IDSuperShop is proud to assist in providing ID cards to identify troops, family members, retirees and military workers. Military ID badges can be extremely advanced; containing a variety of functions including bar codes, magnetic stripes, fingerprint capture devices and signature capture on smart cards and proximity cards.

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Restaurant ID Cards

Restaurant membership ID cards come in various forms to serve a variety of purposes. As restaurant gift cards they make excellent presents and can feature a convenient swipe function for checking and updating card balances, and restaurant loyalty ID cards can be used to track and reward those customer who are frequent patrons.

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School Photographers

With hundreds of school photographers and labs working with ID SuperShop year after year, we are proud to serve your community and play an integral role in the success of your organization when it comes to ID card printing. We have long standing relationships with the top manufacturers serving the photography industry and expect to develop the same with you and your team.

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Transit ID Cards

Public transportation systems have traditionally used paper tickets and passes for city buses, subways, trams and trolleys, but with mass transit systems experiencing ever increasing numbers of passengers, automated ID card systems are a more popular and efficient solution.

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