Expand your School Photography ID card printing operation by incorporating the printing of numerous community-oriented ID cards in addition to the student and staff ID badges you already create, using just one ID card system!

A great additional ID card printing operation for school photographers is the personalized creation of Community Discount ID Cards for school staff, students, families and the greater community. Schools receive funding, local merchants gain advertising space and community members receive great deals at local retailers!

Photographers work with multiple schools and local merchants or retailers to create professional discount cards that can benefit everyone involved! Community Discount Cards can be printed on basic PVC cards or can incorporate advanced technologies such as magnetic stripe encoding or barcodes for the easy and automated tracking of card usage by member cardholders.

Generally, merchants will offer financial contributions to a school to cover the costs of ID card printing, and in exchange for their support of these costs, the school will offer the local businesses a portion of marketing space on the back of the ID card where they can offer community discounts or add other promotional information of their choosing.

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