Unbelievable Service, Competitive Prices & Large Selection of ID Card Systems

At IDSuperShop we offer our clients unbelievable service, competitive industry pricing, and a large selection of ID Card Systems. Browse complete system solutions for Single-Sided & Dual-Sided Printing with Lamination for extra durability. We carry brand names like HID Global Fargo, Evolis, Magicard, Zebra & More!
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Each system includes a different set of components that match what the typical client needs for a complete solution. Be sure to read through the description carefully and feel free to request a custom quote if you need additional items for your organization.

None of the systems come with a computer since most organizations already have a computer. Most of our systems are designed to work on Windows 10, if you plan to use a Mac or an older Windows OS, we encourage you to contact us for a custom quote.

ID Card software and systems are not “resource heavy” and can run successfully on even a basic modern computer system. Specific RAM and resource requirements vary based on the ID software being used. Feel free to contact us concerning the requirements for any of the ID Card software we offer.

Yes and we also work closely with the manufacturers support team to provide you with support that we may not be able to do directly.

We can tailored it the way you would like with the items that you need.

Our turnkey systems include software for managing ID card issuance in addition to the drivers for printer maintenance. If you want to continue using your own software for managing a database or the design of your ID cards, please contact us so we can be sure you get everything you need.

All of our systems come with basic tech support. If you would like a dedicated session to walk you through installation and set up of your system, be sure to request a support plan.