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ID Super Shop offers an assortment of data capture devices such as Magnetic Stripe Readers and Smart Card Readers most with USB connection. At ID Super Shop we only offer the best in product brands including names such as Symbol, Magtech, Evolis and HID.

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Most customers today have a digital camera with sufficient resolution for capturing a photo to use on an ID card. An ID camera usually provides the benefit of a direct connection to ID software for instant capture so you don’t have to export/import photo. This prevents the accidental mismatched photo for a given record and speeds up your workflow if you are running a registration station.

You can take pictures with your iPhone or any other mobile device. However the images will appear in a folder where you will need to import them one by one. If you prefer an integrated solution where the photos go directly from the camera to your database for printing ID cards, we would recommend a TWAIN camera.

A flash is not required for use in taking photos for ID cards, though the normal rules for producing a “good photo” always apply.

Autocropping is a part of the ID Card software, not a part of the camera’s technology. Any camera can be used with an autocropping feature built into the ID Card software.

It is a special piece of scanning technology used to read the information programmed on a RFID or “smart” card.