Find Products that Support a Safe & Healthy Work Environment

With the rising demands for health and safety procedures, the need to screen anyone entering your facility for illness has increased. Temperature Screening Kiosks accommodate those needs by acting as the first line of defense to your company’s health. With infrared thermal imaging and fast temperature detection, the non-contact kiosks help identify the presence of fever as a symptom of contagious illnesses, such as coronavirus. By preventing the spread of viruses, you can maintain a safe and healthy workplace while providing peace-of-mind to anxious staff, students, visitors, and the general public.

Employee & visitor temperature screening has become essential as many state and local governments recommend return-to-work guidelines for the post COVID-19 environment. Regulatory and health associations such as OSHA, EEOC and the CDC include temperature screening as an important procedure. You can rely on the Temperature Screening Kiosk to produce fast and accurate temperature reading, as part of a multi step solution for keeping your workplace safe.

Introducing the ADVANTIDGE FlexiScan XH Temperature Screening Kiosk with built-in battery pack