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Hospital Badge Identifiers

From Employee ID Badges to insurance benefit cards and security access badges, cards are an important part of the healthcare economy. Besides the traditional “card” shape, other form factors are rapidly gaining traction assisted by the need for quick visual identity, careful tracking of irreplaceable assets, and streamlined processes. It’s well known that HIPAA requires all employees to be properly identified in the health card environment however identification starts from the moment you drive onto the facility which includes parking management tools such as hangtags and RFID solutions to gain access.


Recently a client specializing in the healthcare industry realized patient safety had moved to the top of the list as a priority for the hospitals they work with. Their customers were looking for a way to have patients be¬†instantly aware of who was treating and working with them. The account management team at IDSuperShop recommended a new teslin product that created color-coded badge title identifiers for each staff member. These oversized badges were used in conjuction with existing photo IDs so patients could easily know if they were being approached by a Doctor, RN, LPN or someone else. Badge Identifiers are the perfect role-recognition tool for doctor identification, nurse badges, CNA, medics and other staff ID cards. These durable cards are pre-laminated and feature bold text and bright colors for easy recognition of the wearer’s title.


These are a great way to add the convenience of role-recognition to an existing ID badge program without having to issue completely new badges. Another benefit is role recognition, which has particular relevance in the world of healthcare. Many organizations require that a worker’s title be displayed clearly, while some states, including Texas and Pennsylvania, have actually passed laws requiring that a worker’s title be clearly visible.


The reason? To ensure that the person is qualified to provide care, sure, but also to make things easier on the patients. Wearing bright, visible Badge Buddies is a great way to make it clear to a patient that the person who just entered the room is a CNA. If your organization needs an easy way to identify staff by department without the need to re-badge everyone, contact us for a free consultation today!

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