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New Standalone Card Lamination Module

Announcing the availability of the Evolis standalone lamination module, ideal for laminating and protecting cards with extended durability. The CLM (Card Lamination Module) is associated with the Primacy printer and is an all-in-one system for printing, encoding, and laminating cards that need to be secure and/or protected.

Standalone mode now available:
• In a standalone mode, the CLM operates with card-to-card insertion and can secure and/or protect cards previously printed with any printing system.
• The standalone mode can be easily implemented on any CLM already sold and installed, through a firmware upgrade.

The CLM is a versatile offer to target applications like:
• Secure employee badges,
• Driver’s licenses,
• Resident cards,
• Military or police ID badges,
• Airport access control badges,
• Social security cards.

To learn more about the new lamination module with clear or holographic film, click on the brochure here:
Evolis Card Lamination Module

The Card Lamination Module can also be used inline with our most popular printer from Evolis, the Primacy:

PM1H0000BS Evolis Primacy Blue Single-Sided ID Card Printer

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