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Next Generation of Multi Factor Authentication

HID Approve is the next generation mobile two-factor authentication solution that leverages Push Notifications on all mobile platforms to either Approve or Deny login requests from any number of authentication portals. Whether you are a banking institution wanting to increase login security of your customers, or an enterprise looking to secure network authentication from both inside and outside of the firewall, HID Approve is a fantastic choice to increase identity assurance with a sleek user experience and a friction-less deployment process.

Here’s how it works:

HID Approve is powered by the HID Authentication Server which can be deployed as either a hardware or virtual appliance. When the Authentication Server is in place, users simply download the HID Approve app on either Android or iOS and register the app using their user credentials which will link them to the organization’s authentication server. The registration process is made simpler by allowing the user to scan a QR code on the organization’s login screen to connect their device to their existing account. With just a few simple steps, a user can be enrolled into the system and using the HID Approve solution for added logon security.

This solution is also extremely customizable in its aesthetic capabilities. Made with corporate branding in mind, HID Approve allows companies to change the look of the app to include corporate colors and company logos within the app to make it look like an in-house solution. For more information on how HID Approve can increase your authentication security and company profile, please contact us.

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