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FLEX CAM Video Labs iCam

Item Number: FLEX CAM

The Flexcam from Videolabs is USB, plug and play camera, no capture card needed for instant capture of photo images

Product Information
The Videolabs Flexcam iCam is an entry level portable presentation camera, that has a weighted base and camera head, on a flexible gooseneck. The 20-inch gooseneck allows the camera to be aimed at almost anything, from tabletop text, to wall mounted maps, or even the speaker themselves.

The camera integrates an 8 mm lens, which can be used to display video or computer images, and has 3 microscope couplers in 24mm, 28mm, and 32mm rings. It has a single S-Video output, and comes with a 12 foot S-Video cable. It also comes with an adapter that will convert the S-Video to a standard Composite Video signal. The iCam outputs high quality S-video to devices that accept 4-pin S-video cables, and an RCA adapter allows the camera to be plugged into virtually any monitor anywhere.

The iCam comes with an AC adapter to be powered directly from a standard 110 Volt wall outlet current, eliminating the need for adapters or transformers. Objects, flat art, and text can be displayed clearly on monitors or video projectors. The Flexcam from Videolabs is a USB, plug and play camera. No capture card needed.

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